Nekyia, on the road to Preston.

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This article shares a series of reflections on my stand and outlook today in relationship to performance and theatre. It is offered as preparatory notes, to Amy Rome, professor at University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) and organizer of the coming Symposium titled Transdisciplinary Explorations into Performativity, as well as to Jane Turner, Principal Lecturer of Contemporary Arts at Manchester Metropolitan University, and guest lecturer at the Symposium. The Symposium follows my being awarded an Honorary Fellowship by the University of Central Lancashire.

July 17 to 20, 2018
The Media Factory
University of Central Lancashire. Preston UK
Pantheatre’s Myth and Theatre Festival
June 19 to July 1st, 2018
Roy Hart Centre, Southern France

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Legacy Dissemination

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On April 20, 2018, I received a proposal from Nate Speare titled “Pantheatre Legacy Dissemination Project Proposal”. A proposal actually made to Amy Rome, PhD, lecturer at University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN). Both are friends. Here is a brief presentation and response: Lire la suite

Mediumship and Real Estate — Roy Hart and Malerargues

Following the publication of the article titled Towards a Docta Memoria of Roy Hart [1], a philosopher colleague involved with the Roy Hart Centre, sent me some comments concerning especially the relationship between Roy Hart (1926 – 1975) whom he did not meet, and Roy Hart’s teacher, Alfred Wolfsohn (1896 – 1962) whose writings he is very familiar with, in the original German. I told him that an exchange like ours could already constitute a “doctoral” agenda.

This article has two parts. One that is ‘internal politics’ and a second one that is philosophical. At this juncture, especially, I cannot separate the two, and it is essential for me to state my position on Malerargues, the property, in the South of France, where the Roy Hart Centre is based, as well as on the use that is made of Roy Hart’s name[2].

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Towards a Docta Memoria of Roy Hart

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Docta Memoria / Learned Memory

No doctorate has been written on Roy Hart. This is a surprising lacuna that contains or has taken on the appearance of an aporia, that is to say a void or avoidance, possibly a moral obstacle or a form of tacit interdict linked with his violent death in a car crash, including his two closest loved ones. On several occasions, I have tried to encourage students to take on such a doctoral undertaking, which I would say is all the more interesting because of the inherent difficulty and resistance. I have suggested different approaches to persons who could engage in such cultural reflections, and I am even prepared to lend a hand. It is true that time passes and that most of the academic and cultural references belong to another era, namely to 1968 and the 1970s – but the distance can be actually an advantage for such reflections.

I am referring specifically to Roy Hart (1926 – 1975) and to his ideas.

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Voix / Emotions – Une inversion (en)chantée

figaroSérie Algorithmes et Chamanisme

Philosophie de la voix de Roy Hart
Comment la voix façonne nos émotions
Le Figaro du 21/01/2016.

Au hasard du RER, en route pour CDG2, un businessman abandonne son Figaro en descendant à CDG1. Je le prends pour le feuilleter dans l’avion, et je tombe sur l’article directement responsable pour le titre de cette série Algorithmes et Chamanisme : « Comment la voix façonne nos émotions – Des chercheurs ont réussi à modifier les sentiments ressentis par des volontaires en modifiant les intonations de leurs paroles. »[1] Le commentaire de l’image sur le site du Figaro (ci-contre) dit : « C’est la preuve que l’être humain écoute le son de sa voix pour savoir comment il se sent et que, parfois, il lui fait trop confiance – analyse Jean-Julien Aucouturier, auteur principal de l’étude. »

A beaucoup d’égards, c’est l’inversion parfaite pour mes propos sur la philosophie de la voix de Roy Hart. Lire la suite